Whether you know it or not you are always using self-talk

Personal Development

Start paying attention to what you think, what you say, and how you speak…

Most of the time you don’t notice what sneaks in! And I am guilty of this as well, however, being more conscious about this, helps me improve my way 🙂

Here are some suggestions on how you can change your self-talk:

💭 “I can’t do it” replace with “I’m still learning”
💭 “Nobody likes it” replace with “It’s not everyone’s cup of tea”
💭 “Never” replace with “Not right now”
💭 “I wish my life was better” replace with “I’m grateful for my life”
💭 “I don’t have time” replace with “It’s not my priority”

What phrase of self-talk can you replace with something more uplifting and positive?

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