To empower online entrepreneurs worldwide to raise their necessity
to enable them to be more grateful, and grow with grace
– personally and professionally –
for them to serve themselves and others
at the highest level possible.


I started my online marketing career as an affiliate marketer in 2007. Today I’m a full-time online entrepreneur and life/business coach & inspirator.

Over time I’ve tried and failed numerous online strategies, wasted both time and money in additions to some wins, and my #1 winning key is that I’ll never give up on my dreams and goals, and I’ve learned to look at any setback as a learning curve…

I have discovered ATTRACTION MARKETING and how simple online marketing can be done by leveraging social media, with value & high-quality content as the base in everything I do, instead of pestering and scaring everyone away…

I have also discovered “The Secret” to a more fulfilling life in all aspects of life! It’s gaining more and more popularity worldwide, however, often misunderstood as the modern way of life doesn’t make time or room for self-discovery and personal growth.

“The Secret” is also referred to as the “Law of Attraction” and that’s how my true journey in life started around my 45th birthday. I’ve since become a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, and with that, I’ve learned there is so much more to learn and practice.

“Meet life with full presence and power, reclaim your agenda,
advance with abandon, practice joy and gratitude,
don’t break integrity, amplify love, inspire greatness, slow time.”


My purpose is to use my optimism & enthusiasm to inspire & empower others to learn, grow, and freely share their knowledge & wisdom, with confidence & love, so they can serve others to manifest their dreams.

My Mantra

“Grateful, Grow, Grace”

Or as I often put it “Be GRATEFUL, GROW with GRACE!”

In my own search for clarity and finding my mission and purpose in life, these three words stood out for me, as I wanted to up my game in different areas in life, personally and professionally.

The first word that became very clear to me, was my promise to myself to become more GRATEFUL for what I have at any given time; good or bad, joyish or frustrating… Out of that came GROW, as I want to learn how to grow from any past and new experiences and knowledge, and to never stop learning. And I added GRACE to my mantra as I want to raise my courtesy, politeness, manners, and respectfulness toward myself and others, with dignity and honor.

My Definition Of Higher Performance

Higher performance is to succeed beyond YOUR standard norms, beyond what’s YOUR reality today, being consistent (behavior or process) and conscious (seeking clarity) at what you do over the long term.

Steve Jobs once said: “We believe people with passion can change the world for the better. That’s what we believe. And we believe that those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that actually do.”

I would say “the crazy ones are those who never settle for mediocrity but are constantly challenging themselves to a higher performance.”

My Definition Of Success

A higher performance can be within any given field of endeavor, that being in person, in teams, in companies, or in cultures, by doing better for longer periods.

It’s about your ATTITUDE towards yourself and the world at large. Wake up with gratitude and expect to achieve whatever goals you have in life.

This is NOT to say we’ll all become the champions of tomorrow, not all of us want to be world-class performers in all aspects of life, so it’s important to define YOUR level of championship, and that could be in any area, what do YOU define success and how you can joyfully sustain success over long term.

My View On “One Step At the Time”

Anyone who truly wants to can climb mount Everest, all it takes is putting one foot infront of the other.

However, before doing that, it is vital that we learn everything we can about climbing, about the mountain, weather conditions, others experiences, and we need to practice A LOT to enable us to successfully climb up and come back safely.

Now, not everyone want to climb mount Everest, we simply have to define what is our “Everest”. And no matter how well prepared we are before we set our feet on the mountain, know this, any set-backs/obstacles we couldn’t foresee, isn’t failure, it’s simply an extra step we had to take, another step towards our mountain top even though it’s going back to camp 1…

Not giving up, but instead being creative of finding a solution is the ultimate one-step forward!

John Kennedy once asked Werner Von Braun what it would take
to get a man safely to the moon and back, Von Braun answered:
“The Will To Do It”

My Declaration

I Reclaim My Agenda With Joy And Gratitude!

To Your Future Success,
Eva Hyllestad
, founder of the Soaring Alliance
Be Grateful, Grow with Grace