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Over the past 30 days, I’ve delved into the profound insights of Chapter 8 – “Thinking in the Certain Way” from a notable book on wealth creation, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. The chapter is a treasure trove of wisdom, particularly focusing on the critical role of clarity, purpose, and unwavering faith in the process of manifesting one’s desires. In this review, I will explore the key principles outlined in this chapter and how they can transform the way we approach our aspirations and desires.

Clarity and Definiteness of Vision

The chapter emphasizes the importance of forming a clear and definite mental image of what we desire. Drawing parallels to a man envisioning his dream house (Chapter 6 – How Riches Come to You), the author highlights that transmitting our desires to the universe requires a vivid and precise mental picture. Unlike vague and misty concepts, a well-defined vision serves as the compass that guides us toward our goals.

You may not be able to provide every individual with a cash value exceeding what you receive from them, but you can offer them a greater use value than the monetary equivalent of what you take. The fundamental essence is to maximize the existence within you and for you to possess everything you can or will utilize to lead the most abundant life.

Desire Beyond the Ordinary

Desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Ordinary is nothing special or distinctive features, average we can say, so we want to go beyond that to live an extraordinary life.

General desires for wealth or common aspirations won’t suffice. The author challenges us to scrutinize our wants and wishes, urging us to move beyond commonplace yearnings. To effectively communicate with the “Thinking Substance,” we must have a burning desire that surpasses mental laziness and the love of ease.

Continuous Focus and Contemplation

The chapter dismisses the need for formal exercises in concentration or specific times for prayer. Instead, it advocates for a continuous focus on our desires. Like a sailor keeping the port in mind, we are encouraged to keep our mental picture ever-present. The more time we spend contemplating our vision, the stronger our desire becomes.

Visualize the desired things as if they ARE present in your surroundings. Engage your imagination to simulate their usage, and how you would utilize them once they become tangible possessions. Delve into your mental image until it becomes vivid and well-defined, then adopt the mental attitude of ownership towards every element in that mental picture.

Purpose, Faith, and Gratitude

The chapter emphasizes that behind our clear vision must lie a purpose to realize it and an unwavering faith that it is already ours. The author suggests living in the new mental house until it takes physical form and adopting a mental attitude of ownership. Expressing gratitude for the imagined possessions is stressed as a key component of genuine faith.

The more we express gratitude towards good things, the more abundance we attract, and the swifter they arrive. This is because the grateful mental attitude establishes a closer connection between the mind and the source of these blessings.

“You can succeed
if nobody else believes it,
but you will never succeed
if you don’t believe
in yourself.”
~William Boetcker

The Power of Prayer and Will

The author underscores that prayer is not about vain repetitions but a continuous alignment of our thoughts with our desires. The chapter challenges the notion of specific prayer hours, advocating for a constant, unwavering connection with our vision. The importance of faith during active work is highlighted, emphasizing that the answer to prayer is not solely based on spoken words but on persistent faith during action.

The effectiveness of prayer is not determined by your faith while you are speaking but by your faith while you are actively using your will to keep your vision in mind, acting as if it is already your, and then working towards your goals.


Chapter 8 provides a profound roadmap for those seeking to manifest their desires. It challenges us to go beyond mere dreaming and introduces the transformative power of purpose, faith, and continuous focus. By mastering the art of visualization and maintaining an unyielding will, we can shift from being mere dreamers to architects of our own destinies. The chapter serves as a beacon for those ready to embrace the journey towards realizing their aspirations.

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