Talking about FEAR with Darren Duran

Personal Development
“Overcoming Fear Through Courageous Actions”
15 Benefits of Fear mentioned by Darren
1. Heightened Awareness
2. Acknowledgement and Enlightenment
3. Focus and Concentration
4. Preparation and Planning
5. Choices, Analysis and Evaluation
6. Dissecting Extremes
7. Removal of Barriers
8. Breaking Routine
9. Opportunities and Resource Identification
10. Activates Championship Mentality
11. Motivates You to Build Skills
12. Letting Go and the ‘After-strength’
13. Overcoming Fear and Reward Anticipation
14. Replicating the Breakthroughs
15. Helping Others Overcome Their Fears

Talking about FEAR with Eva Hyllestad & Darren Duran inside the Soaring Alliance Community.

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