Tuesday TIP: Get More Done – Work In Blocks

Marketing Success Principles

Productivity is about getting what you want, meaning, getting the results that you want. Period!

Some mistake productivity by filling up their agenda without thinking if their activities are productive or not. They might have been busy, but have no results to show for.

An easy way to get results and being productive is to work in BLOCKS, and being laser-focused on the block that you are working on.

Define your goal, your purpose, and your intention, and you will know what to do in the coming weeks and months. How to do them will come to you in time!

The 4 Important Productivity Blocks

Content Hour

– content creation, whether it be written, audio, video, etc.
– content ideas coming to you (things to do later)

This is NOT about scheduling or posting your content (that’s under Planning Hour), it’s ONLY about creating them, research for content creation, getting ideas for content creation, etc.

VALUE first, but don’t forget ENGAGEMENT content, and LEAD GENERATION content (curiosity/teaser).

Think: I’ll help and serve

Engaging Hour

– commenting on content created by others (if you can help someone solve their issue/problem that’s a great way of engagement)
– commenting on comments on your content
– follow up with contacts/prospects, clients, and customers
– invite to GTK, BP, or a free strategy session

Think: I’ll help and serve

Client Hour

– not texting or voice message (that’s under Engaging Hour)
– face-to-face conversation (GTK, BP, SS)
– MINIMUM 5 people per week, preferably 2-4 people per day 5 days per week

Think: I’ll help and serve

Planning Hour

– where and when to post your content
– pre-scheduling content
– who to follow up with, when, why
– what MUST be done, what can wait, what to delegate, what to delete

If you color-label each block with a color that resonates with you, you can easily mark your agenda with the color of the block you want to work on, and when (days/hours).

Now, each block above is called “Hour”, but that is not necessarily 60 minutes.

If you only have 1 hour to work on your business 3 days a week, that’s 3 hours in total, which again means that each block should get about 45 minutes of focused attention in total during that week.

But there is also another VERY important thing to add to your weekly schedule, and that is REST TIME, where you relax, have fun, pay attention to your hobbies, focused on family time, etc.

You can’t always be “FULL ON”, you also need to be “FULL OFF” 😉

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