Tuesday TIP: Let the Algorithm Work In Your Favor


Did you know that there is only ONE simple thing you need to do, to get more engagement and interaction on your own posts?

You simply have to “wake up” the algorithm to notice you are awake 😉

Before you start posting on social media with your own content, make sure you FIRST visit 5-15 of your friends and connections profiles…

🔅 Like their posts
🔅 Comment on their posts
🔅 Comment on comments on their posts
🔅 Comment on comments on your posts
🔅 Interact with private messaging (a conversation, not link dropping)

If you do this, the algorithm will work in your favor simply because when you are engaging first, chances are bigger for your comments and posts to show up more on your friend’s timeline…

Also, if you lead the way by engaging, your connections will follow your “move” and engage with you as well 😉

If you like this post, don’t keep it to yourself 😉 Let others know about it!

And if you want more tips like this, don’t hesitate to let me know 🙂

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