Lockdown Doesn’t Mean Boring Friday


I haven’t been this excited about FRIDAY since… last Friday 😉

When you have no other choice than to stay at home on a Friday, you can either feel sad and depressed about it, OR, you can look upon it as an opportunity!

An opportunity to do something you haven’t done in a while, like standing on your head trying to make a selfie… I kid you not, it’s challenging to get the angle and the light setting right if you haven’t go anyone to help you, haha…

It’s also an opportunity to reach out to other people that you haven’t spoken with in a while. Let’s face it, lockdown means that everyone is at home, so they will be easier to reach!

It’s an opportunity to find your inner child and use your imagination to have some fun… Laughter is one of the best tools to keep depression away… And when you can have fun by yourself, you’ll have even more fun when you can meet up with others again!

Trust me – it works!

And the best part with lockdown on a Friday is… You can choose to have “Happy Hour” all day 🥳

So let’s make today as FABULOUS as YOU and today deserves 🔥

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