Law of Attraction Quotes in November 2020

Law of Attraction

“Trying to change the outside by making changes to the outside, is like trying to make your lips red in your reflection by putting lipstick on the mirror!”
~Odille Rault

“When working with the Universal Laws you are working with the laws of manifestation, not instant gratification…”
~Jennifer O’Neill

“You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality.”
~Wayne Dyer

“When the mind is free, magic happens.”
~C.G. Rousing

“Happy people produce. Bored people consume.”
~Stephen Richards

“Think of speech as a magical tool, because it is.”
~Mat Auryn

“The problem with blaming someone else is that it takes away all your power, and leaves you with no options whatsoever.”
~Bob Doyle

“For everything you want there is a law that governs how it can be obtained, and if you get it, it’s by obedience to that law.”
~Josh Steimle

“There are Twelve Laws of Nature. What good is the Law of Attraction when you bypass the Eleven others?”
~J.S. Wolfe

“Overcoming your negative thoughts is the way to live a positive life.”
~Heather Colleen Reinhardt

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”
~Ralph W. Emerson

“The universe conspires to give you things that match your sensuality.”
~Lebo Grands

“Abundant human beings are people who make organized plans that include goals beyond their wildest dreams.”
~Eva Hyllestad

“You are either attracting what you want or you are attracting the absence of what you want! The law is still working.”
~Rhonda Byrne

“Our thoughts, perspective and attitude significantly impact, and ultimately create our reality.”
~Izey Victoria Odiase

“The power of manifestation lies in your ability to communicate with the source. Manifestation is essentially an active communication with the cosmos, which makes the realty.”
~Amit Ray

“No one is kept in poverty by a shortness in the supply of riches.”
~Wallace D. Wattles

“A poor mindset is the most expensive thing one can own.”
~Juliet C. Obodo

“My belief is firm in a law of compensation. The true rewards are ever in proportion to the labour and sacrifices made.”
~Ralph W. Emerson

“The reason you have what you have is because that is what you have decided to settle for right now. Change your mind, change your life.”
~John Assaraf

“You are never given a dream from within your soul that you don’t also have the power to achieve.”
~Evelyn Roberts Brooks

“Architect of imagination, it’s a mental elevation for all around us is physical creation of a delicate thought.”
~ Jose R. Coronado

“The only limit to the energy available to us is the limits of our understanding.”
~Patricia Lynn

“Intention plus action equals manifestation.”
~Heather Colleen Reinhardt

“If we truly love ourselves, in spite of our flaws, then we can love others in spite of theirs.”
~Stephen Richards

“The only reason any person does not have enough money is because they are blocking money from coming to them with their thoughts.”
~Rhonda Byrne

“Understanding how your world comes into being, and your exact role in it, is what shall begin to get you out of the trap of suffering and shortage and into freedom and abundance.”
~Bob Doyle

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”
~Ralph W. Emerson

“You cannot exercise much power without gratitude; for it is gratitude that keeps you connected with Power.”
~Wallace D. Wattles

“There is a Greek word that is called ‘Praxis’ and that means the integration of your beliefs with your behavior.”
~John Assaraf

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