Tuesday TIP: Creating Curiosity Posts


A curiosity post is talking about something without using a product or company name in a way that sparks people’s interest and gets them to reach out to you.

Now, if you can think about your post on social media as a preview to the movie, you want your audience to become excited/desperate to buy a ticket…

To do so you want to give them a glimpse of the exciting bits, but don’t give away the plot…

Think about it…

How often have you said “Don’t give it away!”, to smug friends who got to see a great movie before you, or reached the end of a novel you’re currently reading?

The last thing you want to know at that point is how the plot planned out!

All creators of movie trailers know that “What happens next?” is so powerful, and they use it to their full advantage.

They know how to give us

🔹 just enough action
🔹 just enough promise of excitement
🔹 just enough curiosity to get us to the cinema to watch that film

That’s how an effective curiosity post can work for us, too.

A tip for a great curiosity post is to be really specific. Compare the impact of these two statements:

🔹 “My business means that I have time freedom.”
🔹 “My business gives me the opportunity to drop my children off at school in the morning, pick them up in the afternoon, & then spend quality time with them and cook dinner together.”

Which of these two statements are more powerful?

So, think specifics, as in a movie trailer…

Create curiosity and don’t give away the plot, and you’ll have messages in your inbox eager to find out what you have to offer!

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