Your Success Is Up To You

Law of Attraction Success Principles

You’re creating your experiences, your success, the quality of your relationships, and your health by your thoughts and beliefs, the visual images you focus on, the resulting emotions they create, and your actions…

Personal responsibility is the key attitude for personal empowerment, that can improve all of your life areas, including your business. It is to your full advantage to assume full responsibility for the circumstances of your life as well as your reactions/responses to these circumstances.

You can focus your attention on understanding yourself, without self-judgment or self-blame, and your range of choices that may be possible in any given circumstance. With this awareness, you can make educated, intentional choices.
When your choices don’t result in you getting things the way you thought you wanted them, you can look to understand what happened and what action you can take next, rather than looking for someone or some circumstance to blame.

There is a simple formula that can help you understand and embrace 100% responsibility:

E + R = O
Event + Response = Outcome

Every Outcome you experience in life is a result of how you’ve Responded to an earlier Event(s) in your life. If you don’t like the Outcomes (results) you’re currently experiencing, there are two basic choices you can make:

  1. You can blame the EVENT for your lack of results (OUTCOME), or
  2. You can change your RESPONSES to the EVENTS until you achieve the OUTCOME that you want.

You see, you can break out of your conditioned responses (habits) to circumstances, increase your awareness and change your actions. All these lead to a new outcome.

There are only 3 responses you have any control over

a) Your behavior (including what you say and how you say it, i.e. “I can’t do FB Live” VS “I want to learn how to do FB Live”)
b) Your thoughts (self-talk, i.e. “I look silly on camera” VS “My best profile on camera is slightly angled from the left side”) and beliefs (both conscious and unconscious, i.e. “I’m not good enough, why should anyone listen to what I have to say?” VS “My message is important and of value to many, so I’ll practice to deliver it more and more clearly every time I deliver the message.”)
c) Your visual imagery (we think in images, including your images of the future, i.e. “You see the outcome of your first live with no audience while you are doing the FB live, and you feel embarrassed” VS “You see the outcome of x amount of engaging audience every time you do a FB live.”

Earl Nightingale once said: “Actions trigger feelings, and feelings trigger actions”, and he was so right! If we think we can’t do something we will generally not do it. If we are passionate about something, we will take action on it even when we don’t know how to do it properly.

So, let’s say you have this fear of going live on FB, but you decide to do it anyway, with the circumstance (EVENT) of no engaging live audience.
Now, your OUTCOME can be very different here, depending on how you RESPOND to the EVENT.

Response 1) you start complaining about people not showing up for the event, you blame yourself for not being good enough, you don’t have what it takes to be in business, etc., with the OUTCOME of feeling so bad that you will probably never do a FB live again.

Response 2) you take responsibility and know that you didn’t invite or inform anyone that you would go live, you were only live for 2 minutes, you got started with FB live and pushed through your fear and did it anyway, and the next time you go live you will announce it upfront and you might get a like or a comment, etc., with the OUTCOME of feeling proud of yourself for doing the live, and chances are much higher for you to do it again because it wasn’t so scary as you first thought.


If you are passionate about building your business and want to succeed (Outcome), you must take personal responsibility for your Responses whatever Event you face in the process.

So, MY intention is to help you to take more responsibility for your life and business, so here are 2 things I want you to TAKE ACTION on right now:

Action Step 1) Write down on a piece of paper “If it is meant to be it’s up to me” (your new affirmation), and underneath it add “E + R = O” so you remember the success formula, and put it in plain sight of where you are doing your work/business so you see it every day, several times a day. And I want you to repeat the affirmation out loud to yourself several times EVERY day for the next 90 days (picture your goal and how you would feel when you’ve achieved it), and take inspired actions towards your goal every day.

Action Step 2) Take a photo of your new daily affirmation, and post it below so we can all be inspired by YOU taking action and betting on YOU!

Be creative, add colors or different sized letters, maybe you prefer to create an image and print it out, or whatever you feel is in alignment with you, because this will be integrated into you on a subconscious level, and will become part of your personal success formula, so you better make it a great one for you!

I’m so excited and can hardly wait to see your new affirmation!

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