Tuesday TIP: Why Avoid Mass Tagging?


In this marketing age, it’s all about generating leads and making sure that people see our posts.

It’s several ways you can do this, organically or with paid advertisement.

On Facebook, you can tag up to 50 people on a post or a photo, if you want to tag more people it’s possible but not recommended…

On other social media platforms, this may differ…

It’s a way to get attention from your audience, or whom you THINK is your audience…

HOWEVER, if your post or your photo has NO DIRECT RELEVANCE to some of the people tagged, you can be looked upon as a massive irritation, and risk losing friends, in worst case scenario being reported to Facebook, blocked, or even losing your account…

Only tag people if it is relevant to them, e.g. if they are actually in the photo you post, or if you have a conversation with someone in your inbox, and you talk about the topic of the post you’ve just posted, you can ask that person if he or she wants to be tagged in your post.

That’s being polite and you get respect from the person you tag.

If you mass tag you actually lose respect, and you lose posture!!!

Tagging is perfectly fine when you are responding to the post author, or if you respond to a comment made by someone on your post, just to make sure that they notice your response.

So, even though it is tempting, think twice before you tag anyone in your posts from now on!

I’ll be more than happy to have a conversation about this topic, and you are free to share your opinion. 👇

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